Mother to baby bond is natural in humans as well as in animals. This bond between mom and child can be strengthen with some tips that, I will mention in this blog. This bonding will not only increase the trust of the baby on it’s mother but also will help to grow fast and healthy.

  1. Feeding:

    Feeding a baby is considered the most important thing a mother can do to make a strong bond with the baby, If you are no breast feeding your baby and feeding it with a bottle always know your distance for the bottle, keep the bottle close to your breast.
  2. Bath:

    Try to do baths with your baby. Take deep breaths, relax together, and allow your baby to experience you and your body in a relaxed state. You would be surprised to know how intuitive a baby really is when it comes to the energy and fluidity of the mother’s body. Don’t let this make you more anxious. Rather, use it as a reminder that when you are feeling tense across your chest and back and in your breath, take a beat.
  3. Time Schedule:

    Try to understand the needs of your baby. Breast feeding is an important part so spare your 10 to 15 minutes for your baby need . If your baby feels like being alert and working on its strength, let it be. Facilitate it’s exploration and use of your time together in a relaxed state.
  4. Be Responsive:

    Babies felt great when you will give response to their actions. When they are very young (0-3 months especially) this means picking them up when they cry, helping them soothe and sleep, feeding them regularly. These type of actions makes the bond stronger.
  5. Baby Wears:

    Try to give the baby same colors to wear which you wear. Buy cute little shawls for the baby. Make your baby fashionable by experimenting with it’s clothing. You can find beautiful options on



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