Breastfeeding is a an experience that showers the mother’s love for her baby. It has many benefits, and it is absolutely amazing how our bodies can create a perfectly nutritious blended meal for our babies on demand.

The amateur tips for news mother about breast feeding, although it is natural and something that so many mothers do, it’s not always easy. So leave your expectations at the door. It’s a journey- for some the journey is smooth and simple, for others it is rocky and emotional.

Here are a few great things to know before you start breast feeding.

  • Take advantage of all the help in the hospital! It can be tempting to just want to spend time alone with the baby, as it seems like there are nurses and doctors in and out constantly. But the more time you can get with a lactation consultant or a knowledgeable nurse regarding breastfeeding, the better! They are there to help you and know all the breastfeeding basics. They can help baby get the right breastfeeding latch and ensure that baby is getting the milk she needs. They also are usually not afraid get right in there. So either be prepared or be ready to tell them what you are comfortable with. Ask every question you can think of! You can be as prepared as you would like, but actually doing it will a whole new experience and the hands-on help is priceless. 
  • Getting baby to properly latch on to your nipples and successfully drinking milk can take work and time. 
  • Purchase a breastfeeding pillow ahead of time and bring it to the hospital so you’ll have it right away. 
  • Be prepared to spend A LOT of time nursing. Newborns eat often and for long stretches of time. 
  • In the first few days, your milk won’t fully come in. What you produce initially is called colostrum, a yellowish liquid that will boost baby’s immune system. 
  • Breastfeeding can hurt. Your nipples can get sore, red, cracked, and sensitive.
  • Many experts recommend holding off on giving baby a pacifier until you are breastfeeding successfully. 
  • It can be helpful to pump in the hospital to get your milk to come in- take advantage of their powerful pumps! 
  • Be prepared for a lot of positivity, patience, and persistence. The more of those three components you have, the more you set yourself up for success! 


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