You are becoming a new mom and you are wondering what to buy for the baby, Instead of spending money without any second thought just read article it’s insight will give you a shear idea of buying the right stuff for your baby from homecoming to all clothing.

Homecoming and Baby Care:

This is the most joyous moment for the family to welcome the new member, but this new member bring huge responsibilities.
The first approximately 20 days after the birth of baby your baby will have a sporting umbilical cord stump. This stump can be short or long depending on where it was clamped. If it’s on the longer side, you may want to stick to newborn kimonos and such, which won’t rub and irritate it. For this total care you must listen to the doctor about the precautions.


Just try to get some pairs of the mentioned clothes so you your baby will feel comfortable.

Leggings and Pants:

If the weather is cold try to get the warm pants with leggings, there are other options too but this makes your baby stylish and keep it safe from cold weather if it’s summer prefer Pants instead of shots to save the baby from mosquito bites.You will also need baby wraps.

Footed Onesie:

Yon buy the Footed Onesie for your baby, If you don’t want it to wear pants and leggings it will keep the baby intact and save if from the cold or summer.


Jammies are easier to find because stores just call them pajamas, unlike the aforementioned situation. Footed jammies are the best to ensure those little feet stay nice and warm.


Footwear are the most important things for the baby. If your baby is not wearing a footed outfit, you’ll need some socks to keep those feet warm or soft shoes, if it’s cold outside.

Outdoor Clothing:

For summer you can buy some light fancy t-shirt and pants and in cold you must carry a bag with you with baby coat, jacket with a sweater.


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