Giving the welcome to baby and doing it’s first shower is an overwhelming event for a mother that she cannot define in words. A huge amount of ideas can create confusion in your mind but in this blog we will suggest you some necessary tips to keep in mind while preparing the first baby shower.


Decorations are the most creative part when you want to through a nice and good party and baby shower party is always the most important one as times never comes back it will be stored in your memories. So do your decorations according to your theme if it’s a boy everything blue is nice and if girl pink. You can also check the reference section for some practical experience.


As cakes are considered to be festival sweets, try to look for a simple and economical cake, keep the decoration theme in mind when buying the cake.

Colorful Walls:

During decorations make the walls to be colored with light colors. As light colors are always attractive.


You can put fruits, salads, soft drinks and chocolates and serve your guests.


You can serve pastries and some common sweets as deserts.

Family Dress:

Dress code for the family must be of the same color.

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