Every year more than four hundred thousand babies are born in Pakistan and this has increase the production of prams and strollers is considered almost the double of the rate of birth. However, the quality of products is major concern here. Therefore, you must do some research to save your money and time.

Whenever, you want to by a pram look for some important points like it must be safe, suitable for the baby and suitable for you. It must be economic and strong.

1. Safe

The most important factor when you buy a pram is to look at it’s safety first either it is safe to use or not. Look at the quality, standard and brakes etc of the pram. Just follow the steps to check the safety:

2. Stability:

A pram’s base is very important it must be strong and firm. You can test the base by applying little pressure down on the handle to check if it is stable or it slips.

3. Traps:

Check for the baby belts if they are not complex to puzzle the baby. Pay more observation on hinges or spaces between footrests and ensure all finishing are smooth.

4. Precautions:

The pram must be easy to carry and smooth functioning.

5. Mechanical Structure:

Strength of mechanical structure is important as we are talking about your baby look carefully the structure of the all mechanisms like folding and stretching etc. It must be reliable and easy to handle.

6. Convenient for the baby and you:

The moment when baby starts walking is the moment of delight for parents that cannot be defined in words. So, do not wait until your baby is 7 months old and you go for a pram. Because, you need it to carry the baby out on family outing or other occasions. Look for a pram which has hybrid functions like could be attached to your car seats, easy to carry during a walk. Also look for the lock for your and baby’s convenience, above all comfort comes first.

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