Little One’s for Moms are real blessing and at same they are hopes and motivations for their Dads. If you ever go to your store you will see the stuff that you created when you were not able to think, walk or talk safe and sound in a trunk having great memories emotional stories. Creativity for kids is one the major gifts of nature all great men and women were one’s kids but they shaped their creativity in such a way they found themselves pioneering a new world. This is the age of Electronics revolution kids know how to use a phone ever before they started talking, they love playing video games even if they don’t understand a thing, somehow the art and craft creativity is lost somewhere. In this article for new parents there will be some activities mentioned to keep their kids more creative instead of becoming a fat Mac-Donald lover with bunch of video games although there are games to make kids creative too. If you introduce your kids to creativity it will not only boast their confidence in themselves but also motivates them and increase their sense of fashion. As fashion is a great field for creative people.

1. Awareness of Creativity.

The motivation for some thing will never come until or unless you introduce your kids to some creative works. Motivate your kids to participate in singing, dancing, stories telling, drawing, and co-splaying to nurture the sense of creativity among them. Because, you never know what appeals your kid and it adopt it and become great in it. Consider Ronaldo as scientist and Einstein as a footballer, it would never work. Both of these great men find the best in themselves and made a great name.

2. Free Will

Humans are born free in nature, let them be free. Don’t ever force your kids to do something you want them to do like it’s quite common among parents they put emphasis on their kids to become engineers and doctors only and they will be nothing if they are not one of those no doubt we need them but let the kid decide if he wants to be an engineer who will create great thing or he becomes an artist who will travel the world and tell great stories of his experience to motivate the world. Only in this way they can make this world a great place. Never force them as it will create stress and frustration among them.

3. Learning

To learn something in life a lesson is required and to learn from that lesson one needs to be bold and blunt in asking the questions. Always encourage your kids to ask questions as it is a proven scientific fact if you want to ask something but you don’t ask it will gives birth to stress and frustration. So stop your kids to adopt this fatal mental phenomenon and motivate them to ask as much questions as they want to ask. You can use use smart apps and gadgets for kids motivate them.

4. Problem Handling

Leadership qualities are built-in qualities of humans, but then can be nurtured in the kids by improving their problem solving skills. Give your kids some good mathematical games, art puzzles etc. This will enhance their ability of thinking and create the ability of tackling the problem in the right way.

5. Boring Time

The most important time to create and motivate your kids in some what they really want to do is to give them the time to get bored only in this particular time when they will have nothing to do, they will really think about themselves to create something unique in themselves.

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