Everyone love babies but sometimes babies are annoying because of their ill-disciplined behavior. It’s tough to sort the best way to discipline your child in any given moment. The right choice depends on the situation, your child, and the target behavior. In this article there will be some tips to grow your baby into a gentle human being.

Connection with Child:

Most of us know that we need to connect to our kids before we can be effective. But it is really hard to practice this. Connection is the first step in all effective discipline. The choices you make during moments of reprimand or redirection will be different for every situation and child, but the constant should always be a clear communication of the connection between you and your child.

Respect Values:

Babies learn by observing the attitude of the parents, Whenever you feel like your baby is acting in a disturbed way, try to to figure out the reason that why it is doing this and you will find that it was you whom the baby had tried to copy. So try to be gentle in front of the babies so they can behave well.

Think of you Child as an Adult:

There is no problem having good expectations from your child. However, their brains are developing and thus they react and think differently. Their brains regulated easily and their behavior easily becomes disorganized. Be slow to make attributions about your kids behavior, especially if those assumptions are based on what you expect from or have experienced with other adults.

Avoid Over Explaining:

Repeatedly saying one thing to your child could irritate it and can results in an annoying behavior, let it learn on it’s on it won’t rise until it falls. So stop criticizing your babies on single thing repeatedly.


When kids know what is expected of them, they can learn to regulate themselves more easily. Plus, when our kids understand our expectations, they get to experience the joy of knowing they have met them, which is a serious dose of love to their self esteem.

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