During pregnancy you need to follow the below mentioned instruction to get the job done with care and perfection.

Don’t Forget the breakfast:

Eat fully cooked serials with fruits and include milk with it. If you are feeling sick than eat with small pauses like 2 hours is an ideal case.

Do Focus on Fiber Foods:

If you like rice than include brown rice in your diet and oat meals, take as much vegetables in your diet as you can also include fruits like bananas and melons in your diet.

Don’t Avoid Healthy Snacks:

In healthy snacks you can try low fatty foods with fruits, you can take low fat yogurt and cheese.

Do Add Prenatal Vitamin and Iron in your diet:

The intake iron is necessary for our body it keeps your blood healthy. You can eat leafy vegetables for iron. Also the frolic acid is useful to recover the birth defects in body.

Don’t say no to Fish:

You can limit your fish intake on a healthy scale per week. Avoid fish with high levels of mercury in it. Eat canned light tuna fish. Shrimp, Salmon and Catfish has also low mercury.

Don’t take Under Cooked Meat:

Avoid Under-cooked steaks and fish like sushi during pregnancy.

Don’t take Caffeine and Alcohol:

Limiting the caffeine and totally avoid the alcohol during pregnancy is the most healthy thing you can do to yourself.


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