If you’re pregnant or have recently had a baby, you may be wondering what you really need for your newborn in the way of clothes. We’re here to help you narrow it down. Since newborns spend so much of their time eating and sleeping, you don’t have to buy much. If it’s your first, you’ll probably get most of the essentials at your baby shower. But for those new moms or moms-to-be who need some guidance, here are some products mentioned.


These are one the most comfortable clothes for your baby. Babies can live in onesie right from the start at least until they’re 18 months-2 years old. They cover the belly and prevent curious hands from picking apart diapers. So stock up. Make sure you have a good selection of sizes and both long- and short-sleeved ones.

Footie Pajamas:

These are also the most important thing you need for your baby. They keep newborns nice and insulated and are easy to get on and off.


Their little tootsies get cold, especially in the first few months after they’re born when their circulation system is still developing. Make sure you have plenty of socks to keep those adorable baby feet warm.


Newborns are notorious for spitting up a lot. And when they’re not spitting up, they’re drooling. Protect all those cute clothes you bought and got as gifts by buying plenty of soft, cloth bibs for daytime use and those soft plastic bibs with a bucket for when baby starts eating solids.


Whether your baby is born in the warm weather or cold, you’ll need a hat a sun hat if it’s spring or summer and a soft, knit winter hat if it’s fall or winter. You don’t need to go crazy, but get at least one for each season that your newborn can wear.

Coat and Jackets:

No matter what season you give birth in, you’ll need a jacket or coat for your baby eventually. Just one really good, versatile one will do.

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