Babies love their grand parents and the bond between them is very beautiful, In this article I am going to list some creative gifts that babies with the help of their parents can offer to the grand parents.

Baby Countdown Clock:

This one is too cute! Baby on the way, countdown to our new baby. This is a great gift idea to tell the future grandma and grandpa that there is a granddaughter / grandson on the way! Get the baby timer, set it to your due date and give it to your parents and / or in-laws so they can always see how long they still have to wait for that little addition to arrive. Without doubt, granny and grandpa will be delighted about this gift from baby!

Photo Album Of Baby’s First Pictures:

Make an online baby picture book and have it all ready printed. If you have never made a photo book before, try Alternatively buy a photo album or scrapbook and add baby’s first pictures and some baby keepsakes like its first curl.

Handprints Canvas Art:

Mommy or daddy can get creative with baby and both do their handprints and / or footprints for your partner or the grandparents.

Classic Children’s Books For Grandparents To Read Aloud:

Get the grandparents a couple of classic children’s books they still know from their own childhood. Whether it is fairytales by the Brothers Grimm, Goodnight Moon or the Three Little Pigs, grandma and granddad will love to read these well-known stories over and over again to their grandchild(ren).

Personalized T-Shirts:

Get those new grandparents a cool T-shirt with a funny slogan like ‘Best Grandma’, ‘This is what a cool grandpa looks like’, ‘Grandpa gone wild’, ‘Grandpa is my name, spoiling is my game’, ‘#1 Grandma’,… Thus, everybody can see, this person is a proud grandma or grandpa! You can also get personalized tees saying ‘Emma’s Grandpa’ or ‘Luke’s Grandma’, etc.¬†


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