Witnessing your baby to take the first step to walk is a cherishing experience for parents, the joy and happiness can not be described with words. Seeing the baby to as early as possible is a valuable dream for parents, In this article there will be some exercises mentioned with which you can really help your baby to take it’s first step of life faster.

Dr. Steve Sanders says:

“While all infants tend to follow the same progression through these stages, no two babies go through them at exactly the same time or exactly the same way. That said, there are still plenty of ways you can help your child along in his journey to walk!”

The journey towards the walk for a baby is an evolutionary cycle in which the baby first sit, crawl, pull up and stand. For all these steps baby requires the necessary strength to fulfill the nutrition as well as strength requirements. However, In this article we will discuss some exercises that will help your baby to walk fast.

  1. Sit Exercise:

    If child is able to sit on it’s own without any help, give hime a small baby size stool that ha no support and have it to sit on it. Stay close to the baby during this exercise as the precautions are necessary! The child will try to reach the floor with it’s foots to maintain the balance. Now make your child to pick a toy in from of it and try to move the toy to give the child some muscle movement exercises. This exercise strengthens your baby’s leg, back and shoulder muscles. It also helps prepare your infant to position it’s feet directly under the body to support her weight.
  2. Cruising

    Cruising is one of the most common practice infants can do to walk faster. With the help of support of sofa or small table it can practice it’s walk. In your supervision let your child to walk along side the wall or bed. Slowly move back and forth along the furniture and practice walking. Soon the baby will let go of your hand to practice the activity on his own. It’s good practice to give your child a toy so that it could get motivated to walk.
  3. Kick

    While your kind start cruising give it a ball or light weight football to kick it will give strength to the legs. As your baby is holding onto furniture while cruising, place a foam ball on the floor next to her feet. It may accidentally kick the ball at first, but as you keep putting it back by her feet, it will start raising one foot to kick the ball on purpose. Place the ball on both sides of her body so she can practice kicking with both feet.
  4. Help Walking

    help you child to walk while holding it’s hands from the back. Gently pull one arm forward and then the other. It’s feet will naturally follow as it rotates it’s hips to step. Keep practicing walking until your baby is ready to stop.

Babies learn to walk through repetition, so these activities should be repeated several times each day. Babies also learn to walk more easily if they don’t wear shoes, so make sure your little one has plenty of time barefoot indoors at home as you practice.

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