When your bundle of joy arrives, usually, the focus is on Mom and the new baby’s bond, which makes total sense! Science shows that a strong bond between a mother and child boasts lots of benefits, like increased immunity.

But what about dads? Even though there’s less emphasis on this relationship in the early days of a little one’s life, that doesn’t make it any less important. And there are a few easy ways to strengthen this special father-child relationship from day one. Here are 6 simple dad-baby bonding activities to try.

For Dad’s, They just needs to learn 5 S’s:

  1. Skin Contact
  2. Serve Massage.
  3. Surly go for a Walk.
  4. Strong Diaper Dad.
  5. Start Hang Out with baby.

Skin Contact:

Skin contact is a helpful in bonding between Mom and baby, as it prompts the body to release hormones that relieve stress. But what about the Dad’s? As for Dad’s, this is a great way to strengthen Dad’s bond, and it even results in less crying for the so now you really takeover and give you wives some rest from a tough job.

Serve Massage:

Massage is always a great option for relaxation, who doesn’t like the massage. The question is, do the babies like it? The answer is always a big yes. Doctors suggests that by giving babies light massage before bath and after bath relax’s if and it will cry less.

Surly go for a Walk:

Hit the road with your baby in tow. Bonus points if you use a baby carrier so they’re right on your chest! They’ll enjoy the sights and sounds and being nice and close to you.

Strong Diaper Dad:

Take over diaper duty. If Mom chooses to breastfeed, you can’t step in there, but you can make diapers your domain. If this doesn’t sound like a bonding activity, think twice. You can tickle, play peek-a-boo, and sing to your little one as you change them.

Start Hang Out with baby:

Place your baby on your lap and spend time looking into each other’s eyes, giggling, and cooing. This time is so fleeting and precious. Before you know it, you’ll blink and that baby on your lap will be talking and walking…and on their way to kindergarten! By taking a few minutes just to enjoy these short-lived baby days, you’ll make memories that will last forever.


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