Stacy got Pregnant in 2008. During a long conversation with us she has shared with us her adventurous experience about time she was carrying a soul inside her. Stacy told us that the moment she found out she was pregnant was unbelievable and scary. She worried about how is she going to carry out that responsibility. However, the love to the life growing inside helped her gather the strength. She felt strong and got determined to give birth to the baby.

The first three months flew unnoticed. She had heard myths about the horrors of pregnancy that: mood swings, morning sickness, migraines etc. But none of this happened to her, except some changes in her hunger. In fact, she says that with the baby inside her she felt more responsible and started taking care of her self more.

She became more social and she planned a tour to Bali with her husband so that they could introduce their unborn child to the beauty of nature. She started paying more visits to her relatives because she believed that this would make the baby inside her more social.

She was a jolly mood and she told us the story how she found herself pregnant. She and her sister were sitting on a couch with a lot of food on the coffee table. Stacy was enjoying delicious pancakes and sweet apple pies. This caught her sister’s attention, as she was usually full after two pieces of pie. Stacy was occupied with the food she didn’t even notice her husband ringing the doorbell. This incident made her suspicious and next day she bought the test. Finally she found out she was pregnant.

Stacy said she was very lucky compared to her friend who was also pregnant and was affected by toxicosis during her pregnancy. Stacy on the other side didn’t noticed any health changes.

However, she felt great changes in her food preferences. For example, her favorite meal, buckwheat with liver, made her sick during those days. Nonetheless, now she again can eat it happily.

During her pregnancy her love for chocolates increased. Stacy claimed that because of eating too much sweets she gained 17 extra kilograms, which were easily burnt after the pregnancy. In her words, once she devoured 10 boxes of chocolate in one night. Also, lemonade has become her new love during those days.

She also craved apple ice cream during the pregnancy. Luckily, her husband couldn’t find it in a store, otherwise her extra weight would have risen more.

Occasionally Stacy felt mood swings, but now she jokingly asks her newborn’s forgiveness.

Thank God, everything ended safely. And her most beloved gift is now a 12 years old grown up boy.

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