Staying fit is one of the ultimate goals to have a healthy and peaceful life, One can live without money but if health is bad no matter how much money you have it’s useless. One cannot buy health from money, Pregnancy is the stage for the women at which she cannot compromise her health, She needs best diet as well as she is in firm need of safe and healthy workout. A few common workout for pregnancy are discussed in this article. These are not the hard exercises that include the lifting of heavy weights but some common activities that keeps the woman and the unborn both healthy.

  1. Swimming

    Swimming is the best exercise for the pregnant women because, The women will feel light and fast in water as they weigh less in water than on earth. Swimming prevents the women from nausea, sciatic pain and puffy ankles. As the unborn also swims with the mother it will relax both the women and the unborn. However, the precautions are every where you must take great care while you walk along the slippery sides of the pool. Go slowly in the water not like diving or jumping in the water. Just go for a regular swim and control your passion for water sports like scuba diving etc.

2. Walking

The most common and easy way to have good health and hunger is to walk. It is one of the most important exercise during your pregnancy. Also this is the type of workout which you can easily do regularly until the date of delivery. For walk you are not in the need of some specific gym memberships etc, just go out in a green park enjoy the songs of birds and breathe in fresh air and give you and your baby a natural and refreshing healthy walk. If you want to run just be a little patient because you will have a lot of time after the birth.

3. Ellipticals Exercise

Do the the ellipticals with the lowest resistance as it is considered to be one of the best pregnancy exercises, just be gentle and patient and never try to push your limits while exercising. Because you need keep this thing in mind as your pregnancy progresses you find the exercises hard and difficult so lay low and do it smoothly.

4. Aerobics

Aerobic exercises are a great way to increase your heart rate and get the endorphins flowing if you have just started exercising. Aavoid all activities that require balancing of your body. If you have experiance just avoid the high impact movements. As an amateur, try the aerobics of water it is the ideal one.


Cycling in a sunny weather and the feeling of the cool breeze is the best experience of life and you can enjoy it it during your pregnancy it will fasten the blood circulation in your body. But avoid cycling in the last days of your pregnancy. However, you can do it but precautions are better. If the cycling gives you comfort it’s alright to continue otherwise you can take a break.

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