Summer is considered a gift because it give us the chance to go to the beaches and enjoy the sun, Kids are also very excited to go to the beaches. But how good this trip will be if your kids also involves themselves along with nature at the beach site and practice some yoga exercises that, i will suggest in this article to have a sound and calm mind as well an excellent health. These will include some special easy poses and movements that your kids will enjoy and you can also practice these poses with them so they got the motivation.

Surfing Pose:

As we can guess from the name this position will gives your kid an imaginary sea surfing experience. Kids can imagine themselves over the waves of the sea on a surf board and position their arm and legs like that for not long but for just 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Chair Pose:

Just imagine yourself sitting on a chair and do this exercise, this will strengthen the legs.

Hut V Position:

Pretend you are the roof of the hut and then come forward into a plank as if you are the bridge of the sandcastle. This exercise is similar to the shoulder V-Pushups.

Cobra Position:

With this position you pretend that you are swimming in the sea try to imagine the swim experience with this position. Lie on your belly, with the legs extended back behind you, lift your chest, and swim with your arms.

Star position:

Try to hear the sounds of the nature in a calm environment. Just lay down on the ground facing the sky feel yourself like a star and relax.


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